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“Kindha has been exceptional to work with. I provided her with a pile of documents and she returned concisely written copy with a consistent tone for WhyPark. She’s really done a great job with finally establishing a voice for us.

In the past, we basically had pages of copy, whereas now we have something that feels whole and truly represents our brand. I almost hesitate to write a testimonial in fear that our best kept secret will get hired away when others quickly recognize her gift.”

Craig Rowe

President, WhyPark.com

About Us

MightyThink values words.

We are a cooperative group of writers who specialize in crafting the right message for your project or organization, using the most appropriate medium.

Recognizing the power of clarity, MightyThink chooses words carefully. Whether it’s unique web content, annual reports, press releases, plain language reports, or promotional material, MightyThink creates the right content to get your message heard.

What you have to say matters. Make it count. 

Kindha Gorman, President

Kindha Gorman is the brain behind MightyThink’s brawn.

With over 10 years’ experience in writing, marketing, and     strategic planning, Kindha has written for magazines, newspapers, web sites, large retail chains, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, and high tech outfits.

Throughout her varied career, she has learned a thing or two about good writing. Just ask her. She has bored many of her friends with lectures about the proper use of commas, hyphens, and semi-colons.


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