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Make your writing work for you!

Mighty Think's plain language workshops are perfect for:

  • Managers and supervisors who want to write more effectively and with impact;
  • Technical experts, policy analysts and scientists;
  • Communications and professionals;
  • Anyone who wants to get a message across the first time.

Plain Language Workshops

Writing in plain language ensures key messages are understood clearly the first time they are read. It's no wonder it has become the standard style of most businesses. However, writing in plain language takes practice.

Through practical exercises and group discussions guided by a writing expert, each participant of Mighty Think's engaging one-day plain language workshop will take away the tools and know-how to:

• Write concisely and clearly;
• Understand the value of plain language writing;
• Recognize common misconceptions and myths;
• Identify and write for specific audiences;
• Recognize writing that needs to be rewritten;
• Use a variety of ways to write engaging, clear, correct and concise material;
• Use an active voice; and
• Write materials in plain language.

Each workshop includes:

• Curriculum customized to your group's unique needs, make-up, and typical tasks;

• One-day, on- or off-site workshop for up to 20 participants;
• Participant workbooks; and
• Pre- and post-workshop participant evaluation and summary.

Contact us for more information and availability.